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Closing One Movement Media formerly Scouting Radio

Making a heartfelt decision to finish a project after 19 years was not an easy decision, but it was the right one. Its time to close One Movement Media (formerly Scouting Radio)

Dear listeners, volunteers, and supporters,

On Founders Day, 22nd February 2024, It is with a mixture of nostalgia and gratitude that we announce the closure of One Movement Media, formerly known as Scouting Radio, after 19 incredible years of service to the Scouting and Guiding Movement. This decision comes with heavy hearts but is rooted in the reality of evolving life circumstances and priorities.

Founded as a dedicated Internet Radio and media platform for the Scouting and Guiding Movement, One Movement Media has been a beacon of inspiration and connectivity, promoting the largest peace movement for youth globally. From its inception, our mission was clear: to amplify the voices of Scouts and Guides worldwide, fostering unity, camaraderie, and a shared commitment to service.

For nearly two decades, One Movement Media (formerly Scouting Radio) has been at the forefront of promoting the values and spirit of Scouting and Guiding. We've supported countless local, national, and international jamborees, bringing live coverage and enthusiasm to Scouting events across the globe. From the Scouting Sunrise event in 2007, where we renewed our Scouting promises at sunrise across every time zone, to broadcasting live from the BSA National Jamboree and promoting the World Jamboree in the USA, our journey has been filled with unforgettable moments and cherished memories.

Behind the scenes, One Movement Media has been powered entirely by volunteers who dedicated their time, passion, and expertise to the cause. Their unwavering commitment has been the lifeblood of our station, and we extend our deepest gratitude to each and every individual who contributed to our success over the years.

As founder and station manager, my decision to cease operations stems from personal commitments, particularly my role as a parent to a young autistic son. Balancing family responsibilities with the demands of running the station has become increasingly challenging, especially amidst the uncertainties brought about by the global pandemic. Additionally, many of our volunteers have transitioned into new phases of their lives, whether through retirement, departure from Scouting, or sadly, their passing.

While bidding farewell to One Movement Media is bittersweet, we take solace in knowing that our legacy will live on through the memories we've shared and the impact we've made. It is with great pride that I reflect on the recognition bestowed upon our station, including the Medal of Merit for Scouting Service from the Baden Powell Scouts Association and the Chief Scout Commendation from Scouting Ireland.

In my spare time, which is limited, I plan to finish writing a book on my Scouting memories, which I hope will be printed and published in the coming year. For now though, I hang up my Scout hat and my necker with pride, knowing I've stepped off this path, taking a break, and hopefully, I will return to the movement at some point in the future. Whether this is as a parent to a Girl Guide or Scout has yet to be determined.

Although our journey as One Movement Media may be coming to an end, the spirit of Scouting and Guiding remains alive and thriving. Moving forward, podcasts and videos produced by our station will continue to be available on the XTS / Xtreme Media page, ensuring that our legacy endures in the digital realm.

To all our listeners, volunteers, and supporters, I extend my heartfelt thanks for your unwavering dedication and enthusiasm throughout this incredible journey. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve alongside each of you, and I carry with me fond memories of our shared experiences.

As we close this chapter and embark on new adventures, may the principles of Scouting continue to guide and inspire us, lighting the path towards a brighter and more united future.

Yours in Scouting,

Justin Dawson
Founder & Station Manager  
One Movement Media (Formerly Scouting Radio)