Autism Advocacy

Understanding, Acceptance & Inclusion

  • Proud father to a 5 year old autistic son.

  • Committee Member of Inclusion Lusk, AsIam Autism Friendly Town initiative

  • Public Speaker and campaigner for same chances for Autistic people.

  • Regularly assisting parents navigating the failures of our Irish Health System to provide services and therapies for our children.

  • Regular speaker at campaigns for services for my son at F.U.S.S Ireland protests

My Journey so far:

Although I'm a parent to a young 5 year old, I decided to add this page on my personal site to collate my works as an advocate for autism awareness and understanding.

Below you will find links to radio interviews where I have campaigned for simple fundamental rights for my son along with personal blog posts and thoughts on the crisis in our Irish Healthcare Service towards providing early interventions and therapies.

I always welcome feedback and will always provide free advice to other parents on this rollercoaster journey so please reach out to me.

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Latest Autism Advocacy News

My posts and personal reflections on the journey as a parent of an Autistic son.

My son has taught me <br> Love needs no words
My son has taught me
Love needs no words
Takiwatanga Meaning
Takiwatanga Meaning